Monday, 9 February 2009

Weaning day

Had some of Mummy's milk with a bit more powdered cereal for breakfast today. The idea is no more breast from now on, as I am a big 5-month-old boy today, so this is part of the transition. It won't last long though, we haven't managed to freeze much Mummy milk but I'm fine about it; I'm completely used to the formula stuff.

Well, we both fell off the wagon almost immediately. Had a bit of breast for dessert because Mummy wanted to relieve the pressure build-up a bit, as well as spoil me because I'm worth it. Then I got a bit more pampering by being allowed to sleep with Mummy for a bit in the big bed. A bit later we passed by the Milagrosa clinic (where I was born, and where Abuelo works) to pick up some formula milk, which we get free thanks to all our contacts.

Two changes to note: lately I'm not too keen on the hammock; I seem to prefer lying down on the exercise mat, or sitting up in the bumbo (or sleeping in the cot). Also, my wee is getting a bit smellier. It must be because of all the formula bottles I've been having lately.