Sunday, 22 February 2009


Huge driving day for Daddy today - he drove us all the way to the mountain pass of Canenecia, a few km after Miraflores de la Sierra. A bit of bad news though: somebody had broken the small front window on the drivers side. Presumably to put their hand through and open the door, but the doors were locked and nothing was missing, not that there was anything worth stealing in the first place.

Mummy and Daddy haven't been to the Canencia mountain pass before, only to the Morcuera pass which is nearby, and Miraflores itself. So they were pleasantly surprised as it is very pretty.

We hadn't expected any snow so we hadn't brought the gaiters or walking sticks, but we found a nice branch for Mummy (as she was carrying me) and started walking. Stopped for a lunch break at el Hornillo, a hostel/refuge in a lovely setting with great views. Soon after that the path splits and, since we weren't really heading any way in particular, took one of them without looking much at the map.

Stopped at the same place on the way back for my feed, but at some rocks a bit lower down from the building where the views were even more spectacular. Not a bad setting for my second fruit purée.

Daddy drove us back home, but since we were in a rush and I was crying (was very hot) Mummy parked the car while Daddy took me upstairs to get me changed and cleaned up. There was some talk of our landlord coming by to pick up her mail and chat about dishwashers (in the end she might buy it herself, so we won't have to) but she was busy. But we did have a visit from Abuelo and Abuela who were in the area and dropped by to pick up the car.