Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Near accident

Poor Mummy! Her urban vegetable garden is missing a crucial piece. There are supposed to be 4 corner bits and we only got three. She did a photo of one and sent them an email, hopefully they'll post it to us soon.

Went to Abuelo & Abuela's for lunch and to print out a new set of passport photos. Bit of an adventure on the way there - a kind gentleman helped us down the stairs and, as the buggy ended up being quite tilted, I nearly fell out! I was sleeping placidly and woke with a rude start. Luckily it was a near miss. Up until now we've never strapped me in, but from now on that's what we'll start doing just in case.

Mummy's breasts are near bursting as I no longer empty them. Hopefully it will just be a few days of uncomfortableness. Mummy is just squeezing out as little as possible so as not to provoke them into producing more while at the same time making it just bearable and avoiding mastits.

Went to bed at 8 this evening and slept all night. What a good boy!