Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cereal day

Had my first taste of powdered cereals in my milk today - a bit in the morning bottle feed, and another in the evening. I find it quite tasty, but it makes the milk thicker and harder to get out of the bottle. We'll maybe try with a bigger hole.

Great news, I think we are jinxed with this wardrobe. Daddy quickly put up the second door this morning before Abuelo came to pick us up (we are off to visit our relatives in Pozuelo) and discovered that the other one must be upside-down as the tops don't match. Back to the drawing board I guess. Good thing Abuelo arrived just then, otherwise we might have had some firewood (even though we don't have a chimney).

Abuela & Bisa went in Tita's car with the girls, and we all met outside the Pozuelo house. There Mummy got her Christmas present at last from Tita (Tito couldn't make it today), an "urban vegetable garden" so we can grow tomatoes in the lounge, rather than walk all the way tot he supermarket. Mummy loved the present, in fact she had been thinking of getting one herself. Shame it took so long - it's all Mr. Internet's fault.

Had a great time - Prima & Primita were there obviously, and after lunch another little girl came for coffee with her parents. I've lost track but I think she is my second cousin.

Daddy wants me to get used to dogs so this house is ideal to visit as they have 3 huge horse-sized beasts which are very gentle and calm. One even let me ride him for a while.

Today we decided my breast days are over (well, until I'm 14 or so) - from now on it will be 100% bottle as I'm ready for weaning.