Monday, 23 February 2009


Building day today. Mummy couldn't wait until I was 6 months old so she built my new cot and got it all ready. We also received the missing piece from the urban vegetable garden - and as Mummy discovered as she put it together it turned out there wasn't a missing piece after all, it was hidden from site inside another piece. After that Mummy planted some tomato seeds (Tito had given us some the previous weekend) in some yoghurt pots to get them ready.

Our landlord came to pick up her 5 tonnes of mail but she couldn't say anything about the dishwasher as she hadn't had a chance to talk about it to her husband.

Didn't like today's fruit purée very much. Mummy changed the pear (it's made of pear, orange & banana, plus a spoon of cereal) for apple. Maybe we need to use a juicier type of apple.