Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Last Tuesday we can have lunch with Abuelo & Abuela, so that's where we spent the afternoon. Yesterday Daddy went into H&M as they have a cool superman pyjama, but they didn't have my size, so today we all met at Nuevos Ministerios to look at the H&M there. Also Daddy wanted to pick up some tickets for a free concert in Chamartin which they were dishing out at the tube station (none left for the main stage, but he got a couple for the big screen just in case).

Found the pyjamas in the size we wanted (next one up from my current ones) and also got me a few socks as my current ones aren't up to the job. Then we all had a nice walk home. Got stopped by a nun (there are loads of nuns in our neighbourhood) who said very nice things about me.

Mummy has got us into a weekly subscription of organic produce so she & Daddy eat even healthier. They also enjoy the challenge of getting a bunch of random season vegetables (sometimes some they've never heard of) and matching them to recipes. Every Tuesday we will pop into a health store near home to pick up our bags. This time we got some fruit as well as vegetables, all as locally sourced as possible.