Monday, 16 February 2009

First spoon

Brisk early walk round the neighbourhood and to buy some fruit. Then had a loooong sleep for the rest of the morning. While I slept Mummy put away all the clothes that are too small for me and got out some of the bigger clothes. Today I put on (and fitted) a top for a 6-9 month-old, boy I'm growing!

And not only that, but I am getting pretty good at twisting around on my gym mat. Also my poo is beginning to get a bit drier & smellier with the new diet. Speaking of which, today Mummy made a thicker cereal mix and we tried the spoon. I must say I took to it pretty well.

Mummy's breasts seem to have stabilised now and no longer hurt her, so we can say the weaning process is finally over.

Posted the insurance papers today so Daddy can drive Abuela's car. It's been ages, I wonder if he's forgotten everything...