Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Day of rest

Daddy's techniques to get me to sleep seem to be paying off. I've been sleeping... like a baby while they took turns to do a bit of shopping. We also boiled the blackberries we had picked to make jam, yummee! We even had time to test the milk pump and put some milk in the freezer. Then, on the way to Abuelo & Abuela's for dinner (to pick up the car for tomorrow) we stopped by the post office to pick up some presents from the UK. I must say I've been a very lucky boy with loads of wonderful presents. My wardrobe, toys & music collection are expanding rapidly. At this rate I'll soon be on the property ladder soon!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Another bout of paperwork

A very productive morning - finished all the important paperwork we hadn't needed to bother with yet. Only one more thing left (have an appointment next month): passport & ID card. Then I can be a jet-setting baby.

Went to Mothercare this afternoon for a breast pump, & then for a sunny walk in the Retiro where we met up with a friend of Mummy & Daddy's who was over from Belgium.

Daddy is trying all kinds of techniques to get me to sleep properly. When I am put to bed and cry he picks me up and tries to burp me, then back to bed (I shouldn't get used to simply being picked up & held when I cry). When he puts me to bed he keeps holding me for a while, that way I gradually get used to not being in his arms.

Sunday, 28 September 2008


Partly as Mummy never got round to celebrating her birthday with the usual crowd, but mostly in my honour, today we had a little lunch party at home. Spent the morning finishing the cooking we started last night, and spent the afternoon eating it all.

Got me a nickname today as well - Piticli. It's a term of endearment for small pets, now famous all over Spain thanks to an Muchchada Nui sketch, in which Enjuto Mojamuto kills his pet canary by cuddling it too much. One of Mummy's friends did the exact same thing when she was younger, so when she picked me up to cuddle me everybody shouted "watch out Piticli!"

Lately I'm not getting much sleep. I've no idea what it is. Spent the first two weeks doing not much more than eating & sleeping, but now I spend quite a lot of my day awake. Maybe it's gasses, maybe my hectic lifestyle... We also had a go at modifying my cot so that I could start sleeping in it. We raised the mattress and put a couple of rolled-up towels each side so I don't feel so small. I think I like it.

Had a nice evening walk to settle down and to make up for spending the whole day yesterday at home.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

More Fuengi crowd

As Mummy & Daddy were knackered from all the late nights I decided to have a good cry tonight to test their mettle. They seem to cope OKish under stress. Basically I have a lot of gasses and need to burp, and I can't do it without help.

The rest of the Fuengi crowd came visiting today before lunch. One of them is a paediatrician and he showed Mummy & Daddy a few tricks, especially in the burping department. After they left I cried for most of the day, just so they could practice their new skills.

Daddy made a fabada today so that Uncle & girlfriend could leave with a good taste of Spain in their mouth. After lunch they went out for one last walk and then went off to the airport to catch their flight. This evening more cooking, Mummy & Daddy are getting stuff ready for tomorrow's lunch party.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Day out in Collado Mediano

Uncle & girlfriend picked us up from home and we set off to the train station. My first train ride! Not much different to the tube to be honest. We were heading for Collado Mediano, where Tita, Tito & the girls live. Had a lovely lunch in the garden and then, as Tita had a breast pump, Mummy had a go on it and all the adults had a taste. They reported it as tasting like a sweet skimmed milk. After a bit of siesta we all went out to pick blackberries. We picked loads of them, and took them back home to make jam.

Back home it was the usual dinner party with a couple of other friends, another late night for Mummy & Daddy.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Day out with Uncle

Today was a much more productive day than yesterday. Met up with Uncle and girlfriend on Gran Vian and had a massive walk round town to show them around. Started off buying me some funky pijamas as I've already grown out of my first few. Then down to Sol, saw km 0, round to Plaza Mayor, la Latina, Palacio Real, had a lovely lunch in the Sabatini gardens, and then the adults stopped for a bit of lunch for themselves on the way to the Retiro (where I had another snack). Then off home, where one of Mummy's workmates dropped by, as did Abuelo & Abuela. Dinner for the adults supplied by the ever-improving cook Uncle.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Uncle arrives

No time for paperwork this morning as we were running late, and then Uncle arrived with his girlfriend. They are staying at a hostal down the end of Fuencarral. Went down to the square for a coffee and to open all my presents (lovely clothes!) and then a menu del dia lunch on Santa Engracia. Then a few bottles of wine were opened in my honour...

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Visit from Fuengi crowd

Some of the Fuengi crowd came down for lunch today, and also Tita, Tito & Primita (Prima was at school). There are still quite a few of them that haven't seen me, but we are planning another lunch in Collado. I did a bit more regurgitating than usual, but it looks like a one-off. Still, it's high time I had a bath, by the time Mummy & Daddy remembered yesterday it was too late. We then had coffee down in the square, and a nice walk to Nuevos Ministerios with Tita & Primita. Then in the evening another walk down Hortaleza & up Fuencarral to pick up an important electrical and electronical device.

Mummy's work papers came in today, so tomorrow, before Uncle arrives from London, we may do a bit more paperwork.

Monday, 22 September 2008


My parents know (or hope) I am a very good boy. So far the only trouble I've given them was a bout of crying but it was (a) justifiable (gasses) and (b) their fault (eating should be done in private). But lately I have been pretty restless at night. So today we was a day of experimentation and we all came to the conclusion that I don't like my cot. Probably because I find it too big. So we have decided I'll stay in the pram at night until a solution has been found, probably involving pillows as padding.

Another bit of paperwork today. This time totally unimportant, only money. Mummy gets a 2500 Euro lump sum for me (and she gets to keep me!) as well as 100 each month as an extra tax return for 3 years as a working mom.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

More visits

Will the visits never end! Am I really that cute!? Well, now we are at home all this social whirl is quite manageable. Some friends from Barcelona came over for breakfast and brought me a bunch of nappies (they work for a nappy company). Then we went to visit some more family in Pozuelo for lunch. One of those loooong Spanish lunches, we didn't get back until 8ish.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

El Pardo

Got in the car with the abuelos and left the big smoke of Madrid for the first time today to go to El Pardo, a massive park and ancient hunting ground on the outskirts. Great lunch and then a walk by the river, where we saw a few deers.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Two lessons

Lesson 1: change nappy after feeding. Even though I may spit out a bit more milk than usual, I am usually quite cranky & finicky when hungry, which makes nappy changing that much more challenging.

Lesson 2: feeding is sacred. After a long walk round the neighbourhood we went to some friend's for dinner. I eat on the sofa surrounded by onlookers and with so many distractions gulped in a lot of air. I need a quiet dim room. If I gulp air, I get gasses. And they hurt. So I cry. 2 hours whimpering there followed by 2 of solid crying at home (my first real bit of crying, let's face it). I think Mummy & Daddy got the message.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

A bit more paperwork

On the big paperwork day we didn't get everything done, just enough to get me a doctor. There's a few less pressing matters and one of those are the maternity and paternity leaves. Mummy is getting her papers in the post, but this morning Daddy went off to work to say hi and sort out some papers. His colleagues from work gave me a wonderful present for when I'm a bit older, a kitchen robot to make baby food.

We had lunch at the abuelo's and went down to the swimming pool for a bit of fresh air (to cold for swimming now). Later at home I had my first bath where I didn't cry at all. Mummy and Daddy then relaxed over a bit of form filling. Bureaucracy!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Visit to the doctor's

Back home today! Oh, and this morning my umbilical chord fell off to reveal a lovely belly button. Had breakfast in the square with grandparents, and then they left back to Malaga. Hopefully I'll see them there in a few weeks.

Check up with the paediatrician this afternoon. Apparently not only have I recovered the weight I lost just after birth ("normal" babies don't achieve this until they are 10-15 days old), but I have also put on 100g. And I'm 1cm taller as well! Apparently all is well and I'm lovely and healthy. My belly button is fine. One of my eyes started oozing a bit this morning, but apparently that's nothing, in fact it's probably due to the fact that I like lying on my left side more - the doctor told Mummy & Daddy they must get me to lie on the other side for some time each day, otherwise I might get neck-ache.

Mummy & Daddy hadn't realised I needed to fast for two hours before the second blood test, so before going to the nurse we went for a long walk, and dropped some presents at the clinic on the way. Then we went back to the nurse and had my heel pricked for the test.

That evening we all did a bit of filtering on our collection of photos, which threatened to get out of control. And I spent a pretty restless night as I was very hungry for some reason.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Culture & birthday

Went to the Sorolla museum today with parents and grandparents. Lovely paintings. Had a nice lunch in the garden (the museum is actually Sorolla's house) and then the adults had lunch at a nearby restaurant terrace. Another first today: trip on the tube.

In the evening we celebrated Abuelo's 60th. Actually, we were also celebrating my first week. I was nearly his present but I came a bit early so he had to settle for a watch. He had a nice surprise visit from some friends as well.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Paperwork day

It can wait no longer. Today is paperwork day. Mummy, Daddy, Abuela & I spent all morning with civil servants but in the end it was worth it. Firstly we realised that, contrary to public opinion, they really are quite helpful. Secondly we got me all the paperwork sorted so that now I have a doctor.

Mummy got the clippers out & gave Daddy a good skinhead heaircut, I hardly recognise him! Then he went off to get me a doctor's appointment and spend some time with Oma & Grandpa. They went to the cinema to see The Dark Night, the latest Batman movie. Surprisingly they all liked it. Meanwhile some of Mummy's girlfriends came over and we had a "chill out" bath in the dark. Then we had some more family over (Mommy's family is huge), I was exhausted by the end of it all.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Walk through the park

Picked up Oma & Grandpa from home and went down to the Retiro park for some fresh air. Listened to the big brass band which Grandpa loves, watched all have some ice cream and lay down on the grass for a bit. Then we all had a slap-up lunch at Abuelo & Abuela's, and an early night for tomorrow is also a big day - I become legal.

Saturday, 13 September 2008


First real poo today! Not all that interesting or wonderful really but my parents got very excited and took pictures of it. They're weird like that. The meconium must have been getting on their nerves. As it makes them so happy I'll endeavour to make loads more of it.

Went back home and dinner sort of turned into a dinner party. Apparently I look a lot like Daddy when he was born. Hope I'm slightly prettier in the 3-9 month period, gosh! Maybe it is the 1970s baby clothing... Then off back to Abuelo & Abuela's to sleep. Not that I was awake at the dinner party ;-)

Friday, 12 September 2008

Grandparents arrive

Another big day today. Oma & Grandpa arrive from Malaga (they couldn't make it before because Oma had a minor operation) so, as our flat only has one bedroom, we need to pack and move to Abuelo and Abuela's for a few days while they visit. Finally got the piece we were missing from the car seat, and a visit from Tita & the girls. Then Daddy headed off to try and do some paperwork but the social security office's network was down. While he was out Oma & Grandpa arrived so he ran back.

Had my first bath with Mummy & Daddy. Not sure I like it yet, but it doesn't seem too bad. Daddy saw on Internet he had passed his driving exam, so just the practical left. Then we left home (my first car ride!) to the other side of town. Looks like Mummy's milk came in, so we don't have to worry about food. The adults al had a get-together dinner while I settled down for another pretty uneventful night in a new place.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Home sweet home

Poor Daddy. I am only a day and a half old and he has to go off to do his theory driving exam (which is pretty hard here in Spain, yet not so hard to warrant the 8 months he's taken). Bisa has gone off to Seville, and we have decided to go home (which is only about three blocks from the clinic) after my first blood test at 18:00. Still missing a piece from the car seat, so Daddy walked me home in the pushchair. So finally I'm home. Had to entertain one last visit before we all settled down for our first night together.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Had my first bath today. Mummy & Daddy didn't see it as it was done by the nurses, but, aided by Tita, they did get to put on my first few nappies. Mummy only had 2 stitches, so she can actually get up already. Nurse said today was a day for sun, so I spent most of my time near the window. There were quite a few more visits today, and also a call from the hospital photographer who did a whole series of wonderful photographs (another present of a lovely blanket came in very handy as a background). I also got a lovely basket of goodies from the nuns that run the clinic (Abuelo works here as a doctor, so we get special treatment). The photographs had an extortionate price tag so we repeated the whole photoshoot for ourselves for free with a friend's camera. Then off to the crèche again.

Mummy and Daddy have heard so many parents talk wonders about their baby/toddler/child, especially "how advanced for their age" they are at this or that, that they have decided I am a genius, or "superdotado". I'm sure they are right. Every time I yawn or open an eye they claim to the rest of the world: "see how advanced he is for his age? Superdotado of course". I'm begining to suspect they are taking the piss.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Yes! I was born today in the La Milagosa clinic of Madrid at 17:55 weighing 2670g and measuring 50cm.

Mummy & Daddy, now over their initial shock, came into the clinic at 11 and Mummy got a drip of oxytocin to get the contractions started. Today is a local holiday, so they were told there was only one anaesthetist on call and she would be unavailable (at an operation) from 13:00 to 13:30. The contractions were pretty bearable, so Mummy said fine, she'd wait for the epidural until afterwards. As bad luck would have it, at 13:00 on the dot the contractions started getting nasty, and Mummy & Daddy had a horrible 40 minute wait until the anaesthetist was free.

By 15:30 Mummy was dilated to the max and ready, but then we had another 2h wait for our gynaecologist who was also at another operation at another hospital (we preferred to wait for him rather than go ahead with the gynaecologist on call as everything seemed OK). He finally arrived and off we went to the delivery room. In less than 20 minutes it was all over (or all begun, depending on your outlook) and proud parents were beaming and getting flooded with phonecalls. After a short stint on mummy's belly and then being examined I had a few minutes under a lamp to warm me up but was soon in the room with them and with Abuelo and Abuela and Bisa.

Spent the first three hours in bed with Mummy, all wrapped up. Everybody was dying to hold me (and Mummy was dying to put me to her breast and also take a decent look at me) but weren't allowed to until I was all warm. But finally the wait was over, and I had a few gulps of colostrum, and plenty of photos were taken. The nurse came over and said I needed to cry and did something annoying to my feet, which made me cry and exercise my lungs a bit. Tita arrived with Tito and the girls, as well as a whole bunch of Mummy & Daddy's friends. Some brought me a lovely towel which was just as well as my parents hadn't brought one and I needed it for the bath next morning. Then all calmed down, and I was taken to the creche so Mummy & Daddy could rest for a few hours that night.

Monday, 8 September 2008

We have a date!

After today's ecograph it turned out I was smaller than we thought, and that we seem kind of low on amniotic fluid, and that blood flow down the umbilical chord is also lowish. So Mummy & Daddy went to see the gynaecologist immediately (rather than wait for the appointment) and he told them the best thing to do, to avoid worries and more monitorization, would be to provoke my birth tomorrow. They both turned white as a sheet :-) Finally my moment has come!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Belly painting

Some of Mummy & Daddy's friends came over to paint Mummy's belly with body paint before I came out. They had a great time and took plenty of pictures. One painting was a floating island with skyscrapers, the other was Daddy's profile.