Thursday, 5 February 2009

New noises

Can't believe I'm nearly 5 months old and haven't mentioned my pucheros at all! Well, I did mention pouting in passing back in November, and that's what pucheros is, though not a very good translation. It is my speciality: before crying I do some very funny sobs sometimes, which has my parents in stitches, the heartless cads. Daddy is dying to catch me mid-puchero on camera but so far I've managed to deny him his sadistic pleasure.

Eat with a friend of Mummy's today. While I was asleep Mummy's friend said "isn't that Lucas?" and Mummy said "naaah, doesn't sound like him". Ha! Little did Mummy know I have a new sound today which she hadn't heard before. Lately I have been adding new squeaks to my repertoire.

Improving my turning as well as my diction. I can turn round and round, and almost sideways (here my nappy gets a bit in the way). Pretty good at lifting my hips as well.