Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New feeding timetable

More changes to my life, we have decided to try out a new feeding timetable to get me used to the timetable I'll have to follow when I go to nursery in a couple of weeks time; we move from 5 to 4 feeds a day: 7am, 11:30, 4pm and 8:30pm. Obviously we won't follow it strictly - for example this morning I woke at 5am so Daddy fed me a small 90ml bottle and then woke me up again at 7 for the "proper" feed - but that's the general idea.

After Mummy did a bit of painting (as in the kitchen window, not art) we popped in to see the doctor. The reason this time was so she could sign the paperwork for my British nationality application (one of the signees, who doesn't have to be British, has to be of the doctor/lawyer/vicar persuasion) but we also did a bit of weighing (5.550 kg) and measuring (64.5 cm) of yours truly.