Friday, 6 February 2009

Irish beauty

I have two night friends - my chill-out song teddy and my night-lamp teddy. But I think lately the night-lamp teddy is beginning to distract me. Maybe it's too bright to have right next to my head, so Mummy today has started turning it off when she leaves me to go to sleep. Time will tell if this helps.

Tit is definitely not enough. Not even in the morning. Got hungry much earlier than usual, so I cried until I got my 180ml fix and then passed out completely. Meanwhile, Abuela came round to drop off the car seat as this evening I have a date with an Irish beauty and a friend of Mummy & Daddy's is taking us by car. Woke up so we had a walk and went shopping. I must have dazzled the girl at the Zara check-out with my cuteness as she completely forgot to charge us for one of the trousers. Finders keepers, so we kept shtum.

I have a bit of conjunctivitis today, my eye is all watery and pink, so Mummy has been cleaning it and dousing me in eye drops from time to time. Was pretty OK by the time we left to see the Irish chick. She's a bit lass (she weighed nearly as much as I weigh now when she was born, plus she's a couple of months older than me), but not scary so we got on fine. Has a great dinner party and Mummy got tipsy for the first time in ages. Poor Daddy with his month on the dry could only look on.