Sunday, 15 February 2009

Barranca to Maliciosa

Today is the day Mummy and Daddy finally get to use their crampons, so they were very excited. The walk they had planned started just like the one we did a month ago, but this time it was just us three, so we could go much faster.

Took the car to the parking area at the La Barranca hotel, gave me a quick nappy change, and set off. We had soon reached where we got to last time and then headed on to uncharted (for us) territory). After a bit more of smooth uphill track we took a side path which was a bit steeper, through a beautiful stretch of pine forest, to reach a lovely spot at the Campanilla fountain.

No time to rest as we had no idea how we were doing for time so, after searching around for where the track might be, continued on up. Eventually the forest thinned out and we had a spectacular view of the Bola del Mundo on one side and the Maliciosa on the other. Here we stopped to feed me (good old vacuum flask keeps the water nice and walk, so warm in fact we had to put the bottle on the snow for a bit). It was getting a bit slippery so here we put on our crampons before continuing.

A bit further up it got really steep, but the views behind us of the valley were amazing. Eventually we reached the Piornal pass (where a kind trekker lend us some much needed sun cream for Mummy and Daddy - I was pretty much sorted already) and from there it was plain sailing on to the Maliciosa peak (well, not so plain as we were pretty tired and the snow was deep). I didn't really enjoy the Maliciosa and started crying so Mummy and Daddy had to gulp down their lunched as fast as possible and head back.

Daddy didn't come back with us - he borrowed Tito's bike and had to come back by train, so we left the car with Abuelo & Abuela and met him back home. He wants to work out how to reach the cycle lane that goes from the outskirts of Madrid all the way to his office in Tres Cantos.