Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Nursery dress rehearsal

Did a dry run for the nursery today. Mummy left me there, together with a few nappies & bottles and stuff, at 10ish. Had my 11 o'clock feed there and then a little siesta. But mostly I did a bit of crying. I guess this is going to take a bit of getting used to, not only for me, but also for the teachers who need to get to know me and my habits a bit better. Mummy picked me up at 2 and we went home.

Had a little walk round the neighbourhood with Daddy while Mummy was at the gym, and picked her up on the way out. Back at home we got a few things ready for the big day tomorrow: Daddy ironed name tags onto my clothes while Mummy fed me, and we all hashed out a timetable which goes something like this:
  • 6:10 Daddy gets up & gets ready
  • 6:30 Mummy gets up & gets ready
  • 6:45 If I'm not awake yet, Daddy wakes me up gently and changes my nappy and dresses me
  • 7:00 Mummy feeds me and Daddy leaves for the office
  • 7:30 Mummy and I catch the bus
  • 8:00 Mummy drops me off at the nursery
  • 8:15 Mummy gets into work
  • 17:45 Mummy leaves work
  • 18:00 Mummy picks me up, Daddy arrives home around now
  • 18:30 Back home!
Fridays both Mummy and Daddy leave work earlier, and so will I. Daddy plans to leave a bit earlier on Mondays to pick me up, and maybe one other day a week as well. Some Tuesdays I'll also leave early with Abuela & Abuelo. Mummy became really sad and did a bit of crying when the fact that tomorrow we part for nearly 10 hours 5 days a week. The fact that she also has to go back to work pales in comparison.

Daddy can drink again, so he had some wine this evening. By stretching the definition of "one month on the dry" he realised his last drink was 7ish in the evening on the 25th of January, so he decided he could start again today as of 7pm, rather than wait for tomorrow.